Donald (Don) Henderson was born June 25th, 1941 and died January 16th, 2021 at home surrounded by loved ones in Boulder, Colorado. He is survived by his wife, Peggy Quinn, his two children by a previous marriage—Kyle Henderson and Tanya Haeussler, and Tanya’s two daughters, Lauren and Tara. As well as Peggy’s three children, four grandchildren and extensive extended family who loved him dearly. 

Growing up in Colorado, Don was always interested in archery and later in life he took up a meditative form of Japanese archery known a Kyudo. In this meditation you become one with everything—placing the arrow, drawing the bow, releasing…He was not aiming, He was ONE WITH… Don was still practicing Kyudo two months before he died.

Our Zen Koan

How do we observe, in these final days, 

the one who so deserves our service 

and honor the ways

he releases us to “no fuss”?

How do we care for

the master of caring-for,

give attention to the one

adept at attending-to,

speak ultimate words of utmost meaning 

to the man of meaningful few words.

What deeds of love

will be on target

for the archer whose arrows flew 

true to the mark?

How send him to the Light

in times of such darkness?

Our doing less must mean more.

Can we amend abundant inclinations 

to harmonize with his Zen?

                                        — Maureen Flannery (Peggy’s sister)

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  1. What a beautiful poem! So fitting to Don and who he was. Thank you for these archives of obituaries. What a wonderful service to be able to see and read about loved ones.

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