Diane Sholes Hart, who was entrusted to us on November 9th, 1946, was called home to be with Jesus early in the morning of March 24th, 2019. She spent her entire life, beginning as a very young girl who once upon a time aspired to be a deaconess, quite literally living out 2 Corinthians 5:15 and Micah 6:8. No matter where she lived in both the US & Germany, during her years as a civil servant court reporter for the United States Army for nearly 40 years, as well as her years as the busiest retiree anybody ever saw, she enthusiastically volunteered & sang her way through all her worldwide travels & adventures, forever touching everyone she came to know. Her final weeks were then spent in Longmont, CO, in the loving care of her son & his family, with her daughter-in-law, Diana, serving as her caregiver, until her departure from us, to finally go sing in the heavenly, eternal choir. She is preceded in death by both of her parents – George & Marjorie Sholes but survived by her son & daughter-in-law, Daniel & Diana Gunderson, and their children SaraMarie & Joshua Gunderson, as well as both of her brothers & their wives, Bill & Janet Sholes, and Douglas & Susan Sholes, and between them, her 3 nephews, 2 nieces & their families – Eric, Jennifer, Parker & Will Sholes; Clint, Jill & “Sebi” Sholes; Lindy, David, Daelynn & Porter Loflin; Tyler, Mary, Joshua & Rebekah Sholes; Emily, Josh & Adeline Smith. As very active long-time resident of the Colorado Springs area for more than 2 decades, she is also already missed by too many friends to begin to count. The memorial service for our beloved “Oma” will be on Monday, April 8th at 2 pm, at First Lutheran Church, located at 1515 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs. It was her wish that instead of flowers, donations be made in her memory to the “Peel House” renovation project at First Lutheran Church – which she was very excited about.

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  1. Truly an angel before her ascendance. The pictures are stunningly beautiful as she was both in body and in spirit. She was always my friend the first time we met at Soli Deo and then First Lutheran Choir. She is missed! Her fantastic class and style were always to envy as we shopped at consignment stores. Her optimistic spirit made every outing an adventure. We loved Diane and always will remember her smile and confidence. Joel and Jody Hinrichs

  2. Diane was a jewel – singing in Soli Deo Gloria, and knowing her ‘outside.’ We kept in touch by infrequent emails, and once in awhile a wave at concerts after Irv and I had to quit singing. Her ready smile and lovely voice are certainly missed, but I know she’s happier where she is. Knowing her was special. Thanks for sharing her. Joyce and Irv Johnson

  3. I worked with this wonderful woman in Mannheim, West Germany and Fort Carson, Colorado. She was a dedicated and hard-working civil servant and a fantastic court reporter. She was a good person, and I was lucky enough to stay in contact with her throughout the years. I talked to her about three weeks ago, and she was still faithful and strong. God bless you, and may the angels speed you to your rest, Diane. To your son and daughter-in-law, and your brothers, my prayers are for you. Diana, I have never met you, but you are something special to have taken such good care of your mother-in-law on her way home to the Lord. God bless. Lisa (Sexton) Thomas

  4. Diane Hart-
    We met in the St John’s Lutheran church choir in the 80’s and have been friends ever since. We shared our November 9 birthday together for many, many years; she was my “Plus One” for opening night at the Denver International Film Festival every year- we loved the big event – dressing ‘to the nines’, enjoying a fabulous gourmet dinner, the opening film and the party afterwards. We went to concerts together & towards the end we had a spa day at the Broadmoor that was divine, relishing every minute. This is a great loss for me as I picture my future without her. I’m riddled with sadness. She fought cancer hard & finally came to rest (March 24, 2019).
    I don’t think we ever had an argument-even though there was at least one area where our views were divergent. It never, ever came between us.
    We shared our deepest thoughts, hopes and desires – always to a listening ear on both sides – never censored or discounted. To have the opportunity to love someone that unconditionally is a rare and glorious thing. Diane and I had that, probably from the day we met that night at choir practice.
    Diane asked if I would write a recommendation for her as a Child Advocate at CASA… I immediately agreed to do so…
    “Some qualities that make Diane Hart an ideal candidate as a Child Advocate:
    Confidence and courage: Diane decided to ‘put in for’ & accept a 3-year work tour in Germany. As a single parent back in the 80’s, I admired her bravery! And off they went. While raising her son, Dan, and for the next 3 years, she worked & they experienced many new adventures, vistas and wonders in Europe: the languages, cultures, regional foods, cathedrals & activities.

    Dedication, commitment & passion …in her value of & care for children, animals and nature. Diane’s life-long career as a Court Reporter for the Military, meant that she saw how the dark side of life impacts the children & families as the innocent victims who often don’t have a voice. It took great faith and strength of character to “steel” herself against hearing and recording these proceedings by turning those sad events into a sort of ‘win-win’ by serving others in need in numerous ways, like the Soup Kitchen in Colorado Springs.
    Stability, discipline, nurture & consistency: Diane has adopted rescue dogs (and cats) over the years. It is such a joy for me to visit her and see how their mutual love and respect fill her home.
    The character, skill set and heart make Diane an ideal Child Advocate. I am proud to recommend Diane Hart.”
    Diane Hart was my friend. I will miss her every single day.

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