12/07/1961 – 07/12/2022

With great sadness, loving friends of Deanna Lynne McLain, born December 7, 1961 in Marysville Kansas, announce she has passed peacefully surrounded by friends and her life-long four-legged darlings Genevieve and Willow.

She attended McCormick Jr. High School and Central High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Her professional credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Public Administration degrees.  As an RN she spent countless hours helping those in most need in senior centers, general hospitals, and patients who were afflicted with COVID.

Deanna spent much of her cherished time with close friends in the Colorado Rockies climbing most of the 14ers, skate-skiing amongst the most beautiful winter scenery in the lower 48 states, and participating in triathlons.  Deanna was an avid swimmer and cyclist.  She loved camping, playing chess, reading, attending concerts, and loved a good party.

Deanna cared very much for saving the environment and wildlife by supporting many fundraisers and participating in several rescue missions.  She avidly worked with the Prairie Dog Action organization relocating thousands of this endangered wildlife from the ravages of Front Range development in Colorado.

Deanna also contributed to the efforts of the Orangutan Foundation by traveling to a remote wilderness post in Central Indonesian Borneo to help with efforts to protect orangutans and their forest habitat.

While in Mexico she adopted Chloe, a high-spirited loving pup very much in need of a forever home, and in Puerto Rico, during a recent 2018 journey, she rescued several puppies and found them caring homes in the United States.  Willow, one of the puppies, found her home with Deanna.

Deanna’s outgoing personality, and passion for meeting new people resulted in making many life-long friends.  She will be greatly missed and never forgotten by those who loved and knew her.

In lieu of flowers, friends ask that donations be made to Prairie Dog Action in Deanna’s honor.

12 thoughts on “Deanna Lynne McLain”

  1. We knew Deanna as a young girl growing up in Cheyenne.
    She wa a dear friend to my daughter.
    I’m sad she is gone from us, but happy she is at peace.
    She will be missed by many people.

  2. I knew Deanna from when we both worked in the high Rockies of CO. We enjoyed hikes out to various local spots including primitive hot springs with our dogs. We both ended up in KS for a while, and I visited her while she was in the UP and then again in CO after she had move down to the front range. I have many fond memories and will miss her greatly.

  3. While on a bike tour, I had stopped in Oberlin and was looking for a local campground I knew was nearby. Suddenly a car stopped and the driver asked where I was headed, to which I replied Colorado Springs. ” You’re going the wrong way” was the driver’s response,, as my bike was facing east. I explained that I was looking for the campground, and this person, Deanna McLain, said “How long has it been since you had a shower?” I guess the answer was obvious based upon my appearance.

    I was extremely blessed to meet Deanna for one night in September 2021. She let me have that shower, then insisted I sleep inside, as rain was forecast. That evening was the highlight of a 1200 mile ride through the Great Plains. I was very saddened to receive a text from Deanna this past Spring, informing me of her diagnosis. I wish I would have known her longer, as she was so obviously a very special person. My heart goes out to all of those who lost a dear friend and loved one.

  4. It’s very difficult to put feelings into words for someone as special as Deanna. She knew all her friends birthdays. We could simply say I love you. I’m 11 January..

  5. Our thoughts are with you. Altho we did not have the privilege of knowing Deanna, we can imagine the heartache that comes from losing ones child. We are sure the Class of ’58 joins us in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Pat & Phil Osborne

  6. Thanks for the heartfelt thoughts and prayers for us who miss Deanna so much. She promised that she will be waiting with her brother Jesse, on that log, just across the river. Maybe I should have gotten that in writing? She always loved my sense of humor. And I will always love her. DAD

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