1956 – 2022

Dawn Griffin made her conscious transition from this world on January 6, 2022 in the home of dear friends Erina Cowan and Steven Teagarden in Boulder, CO. Family and friends attended the celebration of her life and the blessing of her journey. She had metastatic cervical cancer.

Dawn was born in Elgin, IL and moved to Colorado where she spent the majority of her life.

At 22, Dawn married Steven Rydell and they spent 4 wonderful years together exploring many things and also getting clear that their relationship was more of a friendship than a marriage and they parted amicably.

Dawn was a kind, loving woman, who inspired and brought joy to those who knew her. Her expansive intellect, tender heart and dedication to living a life of purpose and contribution will be remembered. She approached life with curiosity and an adventurous spirit, leading the way for many others. Friends and family members were held close to her heart, and she showed compassion for any who were undergoing struggle. She will always be remembered and held in love and with deep gratitude by those who were fortunate enough to have had her in their lives.

Dawn’s commitment and passion was always about health, human potential and the Earth. Her thesis for her degree in Environmental policy and planning was on the premise that all issues that we face have to do with forgetting what it means to be in relationship on all levels. Those levels including, to self, to spirit, to the Earth, to our body intelligence, to each other one-on-one and to larger community. Creating a deeper sense of community and moving beyond fear and separation were always at the heart of her endeavors. She spent many years as an environmental advocate working for various environmental non-profits.

Dawn also spent 3 months on a corral atoll in the South Pacific, Niue, exploring a proposal she wrote for the government of this self-governing, native population to look at creating and an eco-village incorporating their traditional knowledge to leapfrog Western development to be a model of sustainability. When Dawn arrived on the island, she discovered they were spraying a very deadly herbicide, Paraquat, which ruled out eco-village and her focus became banning the paraquat, which did happen.

Following her years in environmental work, Dawn turned to another passion, health and human potential. She was drawn to all things related to quantum physics and the energy realms and she became a quantum biofeedback practitioner.

The connection to the Earth and how what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves always remained a core theme of healing as well and Dawn was totally passionate about regenerative agriculture for this reason. That is what lead her to choose a green burial where she will be composted.

Dawn was the live-in caregiver for her mother, Pauline Griffin, from September, 2020 to July, 2021, when her mother passed after a long journey with dementia. Dawn is also predeceased by her father, Donald Earl Griffin. Dawn is survived by her brother David Griffin and his wife Cathy and son, Brandon, as well as her sister, Julie Griffin.

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