Glass Art Brochure Longmont CO Funeral Home And Cremations

We have partnered with a talented local glass artist named Tiffany. She has a remarkable way of blowing glass with the ashes of your beloved into it.

commemorative glass art lafayette co funeral home and cremations 161x300In 2008 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She thrived through 15 months of treatments as I painted delightful scenes on her bald head. It was through this beautiful journey together that we discovered the healing power of art.

With a new focus in life to help others in their healing journey, I launched my Ash Art line in 2009. My goal is to create a fabulous piece of art for you to cherish forever. Knowing personal information about the deceased helps me with my creative process so please share a few details and I will be sure to incorporate that energy into your art piece.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you!