Christopher Cleary born September 24, 1964 was a loving husband and dedicated father to our twins Jasper and Drew.

He was a moving force for the greater good that stood strong for what he believed in. Never living by what most thought was possible he thought how to make it possible.

He was a fierce advocate for so much in this world.

Besides being a founding member of PFLAG Broomfield, facilitating the very first PFLAG Broomfield Pride in the Park, the very first PFLAG Broomfield Pride motorcade, being on the board of Broomfield Crescent Grange, the board of Out Boulder County,  he was also the photographer for OBC and most other lgtbq+ groups in the Metro region.

He dedicated most of his life and to capturing the beauty of humanity and sharing his pictures of how he saw the world in hopes of opening others eyes to see what they may have missed. Every picture told a story.

His laughter, hugs and smile could lift any spirit and fill a room but he loved through his lens.

8 thoughts on “Christopher Cleary”

  1. Sending lots of love and gratitude for you, Chris. Even though we never met in person, I could feel you magnanimous spirit through your photography and through your family. Thank you for the beauty you shared with this world while you were here. We were lucky to have you among us.

  2. Cherished friend & Sun Dance brother, gifted photographer & proponent of the arts … Devoted family man, & fierce public advocate for the rights of LGBTQ & 2-Spirit people … So much to admire & appreciate about you, Chris – I’m nothing but grateful for having met up w/you in this life! Holding you in heart & prayer for an easeful, joyous journey to the Ancestors … Love

  3. Chris has touched our lives in such a deep way, his passion for expressing our shared humanity through the arts was contagious.

    He was a gift to the Broomfield Grange!
    May his actions and fun attitude inspire all of us.

    Much love to his family whom I never met!



  4. We met just a couple of times to talk and organize cultural events. He was such a great person. Open to new and different ideas. Supportive. He was present. Great human with a lovely smile. You will be missed.

  5. Heart has broken many time since hearing this news. He always brought such joy and light to any space he entered. I will continue to adore him though his photographs for many years to come.

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