October 5, 1952 – May 9, 2022

Charles (Chuck) Leech died peacefully at his home in Durango on May 9, 2022, surrounded by his family, after a battle with cancer. He had many friends and great support, for which the family is sincerely grateful. Chuck was a math teacher for many years, at Durango High School and Broomfield High School, beloved by his students and colleagues. He was also dedicated to fostering student leadership.

Chuck is survived by his son, Keith Leech and wife Nicole, grandchildren Austin, Brenden, and Aspen, all of Grand Junction; his mother, Mary Leech of Louisville, CO, four sisters: Peg Leech (Louisville, CO), Kathy Bentson (Seattle, WA), Joy Blongewicz and Michael (Lebanon, NH), and Jan Jennings and Barry (Lilburn, GA), as well as nieces Kelsey Blongewicz and Julia Jennings and nephew Andrew Jennings.

Donations may be made to Durango Hospice.

12 thoughts on “Charles (Chuck) Leech”

  1. Thank you for always being a kind person and a good neighbor to my parents and to my friend Betty. Your kind spirit will be missed.

  2. Mr. Leech was my computer science teacher in high school. He, along with the computer science department at FLC, inspired me to become a computer scientist and a computer science instructor. i am currently the computer programming Professor at San Juan College. Thank you so much Mr. Leech! What a great educator and inspiration!!

  3. Mr. Leech was one of my favorite teachers. He was always kind and made me feel important. He encouraged me to join student leadership for which I will always be grateful.

  4. Mr. Leech was my Computer Programming teacher at Durango High School in 1984-85. He has always left an indelible mark on me for his intelligence, sense of humor and kind soul. I remember him telling me I was an enigma and thinking, “what is that?” Teaching computer programming to me as a young woman gave me the confident thought that if computer programming could be broken down and made simple, a whole lot of other things could be mastered too! My friend from high school and I were just reminiscing about him the other day! He is still in my thoughts today and I’m sure many others in the DHS Classes of ‘84-‘85-‘86…”. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement, Mr. Leech!

    Dr. Kristen Anderson

  5. Mr. Leech was my favorite high school math teacher, he was always very kind to me and took the time to explain new concepts without making anyone feel inferior. My condolences to the family.

  6. Oh Mr Leech! I’m sorry you’re gone I always appreciated you and respected you. My thoughts go out to your family. Thanks for being one of the teachers who molded me into who I’ve become.

  7. He was a great math teacher and an even better person. Mr. Leech was part of the reason I went into the education profession. Such an amazing man!

  8. Chuck was an amazing man with a kind heart and an adventurous spirit. I had the privilege of working with him for many years at Broomfield High School. My life was better for having him be a part of it. He was respected and liked by teachers and students alike. He will be greatly missed! My thoughts are with his loving family.

  9. Chuck was a great colleague as I taught with him at Durango High School. He was a great example, always demonstrating integrity, hard work, patience, and a love for his calling and his students…and a sly grin that I loved to see! Really sorry to hear about his passing and will be lifting up the family in prayer.

  10. Oh, Mr. Leech, you are missed! I had Mr. Leech for math at Durango High in ‘84-‘85. He was an amazingly patient, high quality teacher and friend. It was just in the last couple of years that I could call him Chuck, begrudgingly. He had earned his name Mr. Leech all those years ago and I had a hard time calling him Chuck. It just took me 30+ years, many letters, a couple lunches and visits to acquiesce his requests to call him Chuck. He was a true gentleman. Be at peace, Chuck.

  11. I am Chuck’s mom. I am at peace about his death, since it was a needed relief from the cancer tumors that caused so much pain. In his last Christmas letter, his final thought for each reader was “Thank you for what you brought to my life.” Now, I and his family wish to thank each of you for what you’ve written in the obituary as tributes to his life. Each one has meant so much to us. Thank you.

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