Meticulous and organized, Mama always took care with great thoughtfulness, doing her very best. Carol L. Olson, aged 84, passed peacefully from this life, surrounded by family, on April 18, 2021. A life long resident of the Midwest, Carol is survived by her daughter, three grandchildren, a sister and a half brother. Light a candle and remember Carol by tending a flower bed, rescuing an animal, listening to songbirds, enjoying a word find, a puzzle, or a classic western. Fill up that hummingbird feeder, or munch on popcorn and gummy bears knowing she will smile, help and share.

May you always feel comfortable Mama, snug as a little blue bug. We love you.

Cremation services provided by The Natural Funeral. The family encourages small gatherings and memory sharing amongst the many communities, friends and extended family who Carol’s life touched.

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