Ardeshir Rashid Aidun

With a sad heart we want to announce the passing of our amazing husband and father, Ardeshir Rashid Aidun.  He passed away at 4:20pm Wednesday June 12 surrounded by his wife and children.

He received his PhD from Syracuse University in Chemical Engineering.  He was a professor and Dean of Engineering for all of his professional career.  He was devoted to his family and spent his life encouraging his children to follow their passion.

Ardeshir was born March 21, 1928 and was married to Farkhondeh Dinyari in 1957. They have 4 children together, Beejenn Robert Aidun, Sarvar Nina Khosravi, Shirin Lisa Aidun and Rashid Aidun.  He is survived by his wife and children, 9 grand children and 4 great grandchildren.  He was 96 years old.  God rest his soul.

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