Why Use Beeswax?

Beeswax is a 100% green product. Natural, renewable, beautiful and toxin free, beeswax is the right choice for the environmentally aware. Compare beeswax to paraffin and the differences are significant. Paraffin is a petroleum-based product that, according to the EPA and the American Chemical Society, releases known carcinogens including benzene and toluene when burned. Amber Lights Candles are 100% pure beeswax. The natural scent of these candles fills your room with the wonderful, natural scent of honey and beautiful earthy glow.

What about Wicks?

These beeswax candles uses only 100% cotton wicks. Metal core wicks used in some container candles are a health hazard, although zinc and tin cores are now more prevalent than lead.

Prices range from $6 – $18