Alex 190x300It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected death of Alex Richard Stangl, 24, of Boulder Colorado. Alex died October 19, 2019. He was born November 25, 1994 to Teresa (Terry) Snyder and Mark Stangl.  Alex is also survived by his grandmother, Brenda Snyder, half-siblings Abigale Stangl and Tait Stangl (partner Eden Brecht and daughter Lily). He had many uncles, aunts, and cousins on both of the Stangl and Snyder side of the family.  He is also survived by a band of chosen brothers who shared many daring adventures with Alex.

Although only 24 at the time of his death, Alex touched many people’s lives in his lifetime. He had a strong and loving heart, and great interest and compassion for others. As a child, Alex had a mischievous and playful energy that would keep people on their toes. In fact, this energy did not fade as he entered into young adulthood. Easily humored by wry jokes and shenanigans, Alex would often erupt into contagious laughter. 

When he was feeling accomplished and optimistic about his future, Alex could inspire the best in himself and others. He would readily share his ideas and insights about life with family, friends, and people he encountered in life. He was curious about the world and self-reflective about his own path and close relationships. His grin could light up a room. 

Alex attended Mesa Elementary School, Southern Hills Middle School, and Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. A non-traditional learner, he graduated high school through the support of dedicated teachers and his mother. He found great solace and enjoyment through spending time with friends. 

After high school, Alex went on a great adventure to Australia and New Zealand, where he found a sense of belonging, friendship, inquisitiveness about the world, and an important sense of independence. Back in Colorado, Alex greatly enjoyed skiing with his father, going for hikes with his siblings and by himself, playing video games with friends, and listening to podcasts and music that expanded his mind. 

Alex worked in food services, and as an apprentice housing inspector. Guided by his father and a close family friend-Grove, he found a sense of accomplishment in performing his work efficiently and developing mechanical skills. As Alex continued to gain self-sufficiency and made decisions to be active and exercise, his family rejoiced.

All the while, Alex was weighed down by anxiety and depression. His seeking nature led him to explore the limits of his mind and body; he struggled through years of addiction that resulted in unhealthy behavior and his untimely death. Perhaps, in time, those who knew and loved Alex will find some relief in knowing that his suffering has ended.  His addiction was a cloud that loomed over the lightness of his being.

We will forever long for another chance to race him down the ski slope, take long drives or hikes through the mountains together, and sharing in our musing about the meaning of this beautiful life.

The man Alex was becoming encouraged us, and our love for that rascal boy will never cease. And yet, the senselessness of his addiction has taken from us a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, and a kind, sensitive soul. We will always wonder what kind of man he may have become and miss his warm, loving spiritedness.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Natural Highs-Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol. Here is the website and where you can donate: or through Colorado Gives: or donations can be made by mailing a check to:

Natural Highs
New Vista High School
700 20th Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Alex Rafting
Alex Sunset

10 thoughts on “Alex Stangl”

  1. A beautifully written description of Alex’s life as a young boy and as a young adult. He touched many people in his short life. Love to all ❤️

  2. You couldn’t have ended with a better photo. That says it all! So Beautiful! Thinking of you and wishing you strength and peace. Hugs!

  3. Such beautiful words! What an amazing tribute to such a beautiful and remarkable person! With love. Reggie ❤

  4. Charles and I are sending you all our love and support in such difficult time. No words can translate the pain of loosing a child . We hope you will find with that support of your friends and family the strength to go through it .
    Brigitte and Charles

  5. To Alex,

    We cry as we write to you. Our hearts are broken by the unfairness of your life ending so early. You were looking for that thing in life that makes you feel useful. The addiction controlled your ability to do that. We feel blessed that we were able to share our home with you, Alex, back in the summer of 2011 and 2012. That month each summer is more precious now that we have lost you. We saw a 16 and 17 year old that helped us whenever he could. You showed affection and gratitude when we helped you. When it was hard, you did not quit, you asked for help and persevered. You tried your hardest and wanted to please. You were so easy to be around, so open and ready for whatever we sent your way. You wanted to learn about different kinds of people and places and experience life.

    After those summers we saw you every year or so when we visited Colorado or you came east. You were caring and we felt your affection. But the addiction was slowly taking you from us. We felt that distance growing. In our ignorance we ignored the distance and change.

    You have taught us something Alex. Reach out more, show our love, have patience, listen. The sad part is we know all of these things. With your help, and the lesson of your life, we will remember.

    Every time we interact with someone who is suffering from addiction, or loneliness, or whatever pain, we will thank you for teaching us to be more patient, to listen, to show more love and to reach out more. We will feel your hugs and hope you knew how much we love you. You will live on through us and everyone you touched.

    Victoria and Mitchel

  6. Thank you for sharing this tribute to your son Alex. My thoughts and sympathies are with you during this difficult time.

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