Alan Stewart Meyers, aka Al, or Papa, and on occasion, the Guru of Peacefulness.
He lived on his own terms, at his own pace. He helped us remember how to be in the moment.
He loved to walk in the woods, smoke pot, enjoy music, and practice healing arts. Alan just before completing medical school decided not to become a doctor and went on to teach mathematics . He enjoyed his Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle and engaged himself deeply to politics and the concerns of voting rights.
He was a good community member, bringing things to his friends and driving them around. He loved animals and always had cats and dogs around.
He was a kind soul, who walked gently on the earth. Everyone who was blessed to know him, knows what a cool character he was.
Alan was survived by his girlfriend Suzanne, his daughter Raven, his sister Andy, his cat Frank, and many others who shared in his love and light.
We love you!!!

2 thoughts on “Alan Meyers”

  1. I did not know until now, Alan, that you had passed on. Those of us who knew you from our days in Lyons grieve your loss. We remember your everpresent smile, your laugh and the light in your eyes, and yes, most of all, your peaceful, kind and generous spirit. We are so sad to know you are gone, but then I’m sure if we listen closely, we can hear you when the wind blows through the pines.

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