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The Natural Funeral Story

The Natural Funeral Story

The Natural Funeral Story

A Natural Alternative: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust:

Choosing a funeral can be one of the last expressions one makes and this is a time to reflect on the path the physical body takes as well as other aspects of the spirit. TNF feels there is beauty in allowing the body to naturally become assimilated back into the Earth.  A simple green burial or green cremation allows a more natural process of the circle of life to take place.  Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…

The Natural Funeral story begins as a collaboration between Karen Van Vuuren, Prescott Knock and Daniel Ziskin.

We Are Game Changers:

In this area, and in most areas in the US, no company exists to primarily promote and offer green funeral care and green funerary products. Funeral homes may say they cater to a family’s needs and ecological values but they are often invested in conventional funeral practices. Embalming, non-biodegradable caskets and other high-resource practices are sometimes marketed as “green”. Nor are they proactive in informing families of their rights at death or including them in aspects of death care that can bring meaning and healing.

Currently, funeral homes offer “the same old thing.” Funeral consumers have little or no choice. The Green Burial Council, a national green funeral certifying body, has only certified 2 funeral homes on the Front Range. Neither of these stands primarily for green funeral care. It is time funeral consumers got to choose a green funeral home that stands fundamentally for greener funeral options. A green funeral company is coming, and we want to be the first and the name consumers associate first and foremost with green funeral care.

The Front Range has one of the highest populations of Baby Boomers in the US, and this group is more questioning, and less conformist than the generation before. Boomers, who are also making decisions for their elders, are not served by the current array of funeral providers in the way they would be served by a funeral provider with green values and a holistic approach to after-death care.

TNF is Dedicated to Supporting the Community:

The death of a loved one effects their community of family and friends. TNF supports a more inclusive community that is effected during death.  We are a community center for health and well-being.  Often people feel confused during the grief process.  TNF is here to help with this process in an individual capacity and/or in a group setting. For example, we host “Group Meetings” -which people find quite helpful.  TNF fosters a community support model that has often been lost in our fast-paced modern lifestyles.

Funerals as Unique as Your Life!

We create funerals that reflect the uniqueness of people’s lives!  We love the creative process of co-creating a ceremony that brings depth of understanding and appreciation of the deceased legacy.  TNF is open to co-creating a ceremony as eclectic or as traditional as you wish. Anything dear to your heart is appropriate. Let us help you tell the story of your beloved’s life.

What Experience Does TNF Have in This Field?

Our team has much experience in all aspects of end-of-life care and are known as pioneers in the field of end-of-life care.

We are excited to bring all of our talents together in such a way as to provide the Boulder County community the very best services available with dedication to natural practices and a contemplative focus on personalized care and holistic healing you will find no where else.

Our team and associates are comprised of the “movers and shakers” in the end-of-life and environmental communities which are so vibrant in Boulder County.

Titles and Organizations Our Team is Involved In:

  • Founder of Natural Transitions
  • Founding Member of Natural Home Funeral Alliance
  • Award winning documentary film-maker of End-of-Life issues
  • Producer of radio documentaries on end-of-life issues and rites of passage
  • Founding Members of Green Burial Council Boulder County
  • Life-Cycle Celebrant
  • Master’s Degree in Ritual Studies
  • Council Member of Conversations on Death
  • Founding Member of Death Cafe Boulder County
  • Board Member of The Contemplative End-of-Life Project
  • Community Outreach and Education for Family Hospice
  • Marketing for New Century Hospice
  • Director of Business Development for Windhorse Elder Care
  • Senior Care Caregiver
  • Executive Director of The Buddhist Coalition
  • Co-Producer and Co-Host of The Collaborative Community Radio Show KGNU 88.5FM Boulder
  • Inter-faith Coalition for Food Sustainability
  • Mortuary Science, Associates Degree
  • Funeral Director with seven years industry experience
  • PhD in Earth Science
  • President, Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary
  • Vice-President, EGo CarShare
  • Treasurer, Natural Transitions
  • Co-President, Time Bank Boulder

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