Living Arts Center for End-of-Life Education and Green Funerals

Why Natural?

Why Natural?

For an Ecologically Sustainable Future and a Natural Experience.

Natural death care embraces ancient methods of simple, green funeral care. Natural burial is our specialty, and we also offer cremation.

  • No Embalming
  • Simple Caskets or Shrouds
  • No Concrete Vaults Separating the Deceased from Earth
  • An Opportunity to Return to Earth Naturally

All our practices are gentle for the Earth. Conventional mortuary services include embalming, which is invasive to the body and toxic to the living. Conventional mortuaries often utilize expensive caskets that do not decompose well and vaults made of approximately 2 tons of cement per burial.

Alternatively, our center is a unique concept -offering ecological alternatives, created to provide a full wrap-around support for families/friends to find meaning and healing at the time of loss, in accordance with their ecological values. The Natural Funeral: Living Arts Center is a community resource center to help with many end-of-life issues.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • Natural Funeral Care and Ceremonies
  • Individual and Group Educational Programs
  • Grief and Counseling Services
  • Therapeutic Healing Services

Acknowledgment of the Reality of Death Helps the Grieving Process

The more that family and friends of the deceased are able to be present in the end-of-life process and acknowledge the reality of death, the more that the grieving process is helped. Being told a loved one has passed is different than actually witnessing death which helps those bereaving to come to terms with the reality.  Engaging in ceremony with the deceased can further help this process by encouraging multiple ways of expressing our love with honor.

Ritual is a way to express ourselves in multiple ways at once. Ritual expressions can be: artistic, symbolic, explanatory, cultural, religious etc.  The multi-expressional potential of ritual has the power to awaken those present at many levels at once.  This expression can help those grieving to come to terms with the new reality. We are happy to co-create with you a meaningful ceremony.


We Believe Natural is Better