Why Natural?

Why Natural?

We believe natural is better.

Natural death care embraces ancient methods of simple, green funeral care. We provide death care, including the phenomenon of green burial. This practice is gaining popularity in the United States and is already well established in parts of Europe, in particular, in the United Kingdom.

We provide a wide range of services within our center, among these will be natural funeral care and ceremonies. We are critical of funeral practices, which are harmful to the Earth. Conventional mortuary services include embalming, which is invasive to the body and toxic to the living. Alternatively, we conceive of our center as a truly unique concept, created to support families to find meaning and healing at the time of loss, in accordance with their ecological values.

We find alignment with the practices endorsed by Natural Transitions, which is an organization dedicated to home funerals. They are leaders on a return to traditional practices. Another similarly aligned group is The Green Burial Council.


We define ourselves by our emphasis on aesthetics. We will strive to bring beauty to situations of grief and loss. Natural materials and carefully chosen decor will uplift any space we invite our client families to enter during challenging times. This will apply to our office as well as a ritual spaces we make available to families for wakes, vigils or gatherings. We offer products to families in our Gift Shop; chosen because they are inspirational, natural expressions and/or are examples of craftsmanship and art. Additionally, we feature the work of local artists.

Our core values guide The Natural Funeral, featuring a respect for the balance of the natural elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  We feel that a cozy home-like atmosphere with an uplifted sense of spaciousness emphasizing the natural elements -is nurturing for those during challenging times.

Often mortuaries are dark and morose; does this adequately respect the beauty of the transformational process and miracle of death? Rather, we prefer to emphasize the healing beauty of nature- creatively brought into all our rooms as well as outside in our Sacred Garden which we will develop over time.  Our well lit interiors will support an uplifting luminous aesthetic which encourages and inspires a contemplative approach to death.

We Believe Natural is Better