Living Arts Center for End-of-Life Education and Green Funerals

About The Natural Funeral

About The Natural Funeral

We are a living arts center for end-of-life education and green funerals.
Our Mission is to honor the consumer and the Earth, providing natural funeral options (with burial or cremation) and holistic end-of-life education.

Or specialization is end-of-life support and education in a very broad sense. So along with making funeral arrangements and supporting families to create meaningful end-of-life rituals, we also offer community educational programs.

Our Core Values:

  • Consumer choice, including natural, locally sourced products
  • Families’ rights, consumer inclusion, and transparency.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • A holistic approach to life/death care with skilled therapists for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Open discussions of end-of-life issues within the community.

What Makes Us Natural?

All our products and services are as natural and earth-friendly as possible. That means we’ll never use harmful chemicals or toxic products in our practices. Our healing arts practitioners for grief care, work only with ecological products.

Our care of the deceased uses only gentle, natural products, including pure essential oils.

We offer cremation, but can also facilitate green burial or advise on the greenest funeral options.

We support families to make choices that are in harmony with their life values, bringing healing and re-connection to the cycle of life.

Green or natural burial was common before the American Civil War. During that conflict, modern embalmers shipped bodies home from the battlefield. They temporarily preserved them using formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

Before the Civil War, families laid out their loved ones at death. The deceased returned to the earth in their natural state, in a plain pine box. Before modern embalming, all our cemeteries were green burial grounds. Now the contemporary green burial movement is seeking to provide more natural resting places that minimize our final footprint.

Modern green burial grounds accept only unembalmed bodies in biodegradable caskets. A conventional cemetery requires a cement, fiberglass, or plastic vault. The setting for a green burial may be wild or natural and the landscaping practices, sustainable. If a conventional cemetery is preferred, we will however advise on the greenest options possible to lessen the environmental impact.

The Natural Funeral is seeking certification from the Green Burial Council, a national organization that has established standards for green funeral providers. We are also members of the National Home Funeral Alliance of which TNF’s, Karen van Vuuren, is a co-founder.

Holistic Services and Green Funeral Offerings.

You could say that The Natural Funeral is a one-stop shop for all things end-of-life.

Our services cover the continuum from pre to post-death.

Wellness services include holistic grief counseling, and grief groups, massage, and other therapies for grief.

Practical planning services to complete advanced health care directives (your care wishes for end-of-life).

Natural funeral services (under the supervision of a registered funeral director) and care of your loved-one at death. We can assist you in planning your meaningful, greener funeral arrangements. And when the time comes, we will support your family to carry out your wishes, whether you choose a simple, direct cremation or even a home funeral with home visitation or vigil. Our TNF staff regard death as a sacred rite. We’ll care for your loved-one as if they were our own, with respect, love, and kindness.

Cremation or burial arrangements. We’ll counsel and support you to make green funeral choices that fit with your values, your pocketbook, and that bring the greatest healing.